About us

We are a group of individuals, some coming from the Anti-Covid19 mutual aid network that emerged in Athens during the lockdown period and some with an independent background.

We came together to develop a collective reaction against an issue that is seen as a private affair; domestic violence.

This blog is the result of many conversations problematising our ability to deal with domestic violence, especially in the times of coronavirus, without resorting to experts or the state-provided institutional paths.
Patriarchy is woven in the fabric of ‘society’ and the patriarchal domestic violence which we already experienced is adapting its many forms in the various contexts. The “stay at home” campaign and the lockdown measures are only amplifying a pre-existing situation of control. 

We recognise patriarchical violence as something widespread that takes many forms, from domestic violence and street harassment to the control of the state and abusive partners over our bodies and desires. Everyday, our presence in ‘public’ spaces is persecutated by the sexist, queerphobic, racist and ableist cops that have always been harrassing us. Our presence is legitimate only in our homes where we might be oppressed and unsafe, under the restrictions of laws and gender roles.

Cases of patriarchical violence, whether they take place in the street or at home, are always seen as belonging to the private sphere. We want to challenge the harmful rigidity of the public-private, personal-politicaldivision.Wherever it takes place, whether it is emotional, psycological or/and physical,domestic violence is never the fault of the abused person. Every individual that supports, reproduces, tolerates and stay silent – and therefore silences others – has responsability.  

Domestic violence is expression of patriarchy, such as children’s control by adults is expression of agism, testing animals for our consumption is expression of specism, police murders and prisons are expressions of state control, work obligation is expression of capitalism… All these opressive systems participate and contribute to the repression of our lives and the ones of others. No one is free when others are oppressed. To destroy patriarchy means to destroy all kind of authorities. 

Hence, with this blog we want to confront the issue of domestic violence by  helping one another and empowering ourselves. To do this we consciously distance ourselves from recognised expert knowledge seeking to create by piecing together our reflections and analyses as well as experiences a queer anarchic analysis of violence that takes place in and out of the home. Obviously we do not seek to academise the issues we deal with, but we want to share our thoughts with others to oppose domestic violence in a collective and unapologetically radical way. As such we recognise that there are aspects and questions that our initiative might not fully answer. One might even question if issues of domestic violence can ever be *fully* answered in a patriarchal society.

Nonetheless, we created this blog to open a safer space* – at least online – to find each other, recognising that coming together in the flesh might not always be easy, or possible.Here you will find stories and thoughts – if you want to share yours, you will find a special section for this in the blog; texts, materials and tales of actions.

Be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together ♡

* Safe spaces are a myth as none that exist are completely free of authoritarian and oppressive behaviours. What we aim to do is open spaces where there is awareness about these existing patterns and will to radically go against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, speciesism or bigotry.